Cookie Policy

Me3’s site provides individuals with information about our company, solutions, and services offered. Me3 uses cookies to store information on visitor’s activities on our site as well as others that the visitor accessed or visited. Such information will be used by Me3 to customer the content within the web page so as to optimise the user’s experience. Users can manage these cookies such as deleting of cookies etc. through the respective web browser.

By using our Website or any of our services, you consent to our use of cookies. This Cookies Policy will explain what cookies are, how we use them, and what your rights are in relation to our use of cookies. 

This policy covers what a cookie is, the type of cookies Me3 engaged in and the duration cookies will be stored. During your navigation on the Site, you (the “User”) will have control of your cookies by having the discretion on whether or not to accept the cookies privacy.

A cookie refers to a small file (usually text) stored in the browser each time a user visits the site whereby movements by the user within the site will be tracked to enable Me3 to recognize the user and monitor their preferences.

Types of Cookies Engaged

Me3’s site uses cookies where both first party and third-party cookies are engaged. The former will be cookies added to the site by we which are set by the site upon each user’s visit. Whereas the latter are cookies used within our site that are set by other organizations, such as social media platforms specifically Google, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. These platforms enable us with the opportunity for others to connect with us or share the site. 

In addition, cookies of third-party organizations such as Google, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are used on some of our webpages for analytics and business intelligence. We recommend that the User read the cookie policies provided on their respective websites.

Specifically, we use cookies to:

- Store information for the time you are on the Website (called "Session Cookies")

- Store information to recognize your browser or device each time you visit (called "Persistent Cookies")

- Store your login and password information, if you choose to

- Store your user settings, like audio and display settings

- Analyse your behaviour on our Website, so we can continue to improve

- Allow others to advertise on our Website or track information about you to improve advertising to you

How we use cookies

We use cookies to facilitate your access to and use of the site. They are necessary to provide you the services requested by you on our website or applications. We also use cookies that are retransmitted by an analytics or statistics provider to collect aggregated information on the number of users and how they visit the Website.

Analytics may collect information through log data, such as:

- internet protocol (IP) address;

- type of browser and device;

- operating system;

- name of the Internet Service Provider (ISP);

- country information;

- date and time of visit;

- web page of origin (referral) and exit;

- number of clicks.

Duration of Cookies Stored

Our website stores cookies for different amounts of time based on the type of cookies.

1. Transient Cookies: These cookies are stored in a temporary memory not retained but erased after the browser is closed by the user.

2. Persistent Cookies: These cookies remain on the user's device for a pre-defined period of time once cookies are enabled to store user preferences.

The cookies we use

Third-party cookies:

Facebook for advertising and analytics

Google analytics for advertising and user interaction analytics

LinkedIn Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for social media integration and linking

Our cookies:

XSRF token to mitigate against cross site request forgery attacks


By continuing to visit and use our site, you provide deemed consent for the use of cookies.

What can you do about cookies?

Where you so desire, you can prevent the use of all cookies, however you may not be able to enjoy the use of the Website in a manner which we have intended for you. In addition, deactivation or cancelation of cookies can lead to a slowdown in accessibility or prevent access to some parts of the Website.

To retain the current cookies settings, please proceed to the website without changing anything.

Managing your cookies

You can utilise your browser to manage the storage and use of cookies. However, please note that this may affect the website specific settings and preferences you have set on this website and on other websites.

For further information and support, you can visit the specific help page of the web browser you are using:

- Internet Explorer:

- Firefox:

- Safari:

- Chrome:|=en

- Opera:

Log Files

Me3 follows a standard procedure of using log files. These files log visitors when they visit websites. All hosting companies do this and a part of hosting services' analytics. The information collected by log files include internet protocol (IP) addresses, browser type, Internet Service Provider (ISP), date and time stamp, referring/exit pages, and possibly the number of clicks. These are not linked to any information that is personally identifiable. Such information may also be log automatically by our servers or partners.

How to contact us

For any questions on our cookies policy, you can reach us at the following email: